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Posted: 13/12/2018

The 28 food philosophy is, and always has been, to JERF. Just eat real food. But I’m amazed at how often both head nutritionist Steph and I get asked about supplements and our philosophy to how they fit in around JERF.

When we eat real food, we fill our bodies with wholefoods and nutritious ingredients and reduce the dangers that come with added sugars and processed junk. I’m also acutely aware that the reason people don’t eat as well as they could and don’t move as much as they need to is time. This is when taking a supplement can be a really good way to ensure that your body gets the vitamins and minerals that it needs, even when you’re flat out or under the pump.

When deciding on supplements you should base your decision on what your body might need at that point in time. It’s also important to consider what is in your supplement as many contain synthetic ingredients and we prefer to use supplements with real food ingredients for general health and wellbeing.

5 of the most popular supplements Steph recommends to use in conjunction with a wholefood diet are:

· Probiotics: Research is showing the important of gut health and how it can impact many aspects of health including immunity, skin, hormone production, glucose regulation, how we store fat, our disease risk and more. Using a probiotic is a great way to boost the beneficial bacteria strains we need for a healthy gut.

· Skin Hair and Nail support: One of the most common reasons I get asked to recommend supplements for is to improve the strength and integrity of people’s skin, hair and nails. Using a supplement with silica, Zinc, Vitamin C and B vitamins can be helpful for this.

· Vitamin C: Research shows that vitamin C supplementation may not stop you getting a cold but may reduce the severity and length of the symptoms. Taking the vitamin C when you get a cold may be too late however so boosting your intake all year round can be helpful. Vitamin C is also required for the production of collagen which declines naturally as we age.

· Iron: Quite a high percentage of the population are iron deficient and may benefit from not only eating more iron rich foods but also from using a supplement to top up their stores because some food sources of iron aren’t absorbed as well as others.

· Multi Vitamin: Although this is more of a broad supplement sometimes we just have times in our life when our diet isn’t at its best and we could do with a safe guard to make sure we are getting all the required nutrients we need until we get back on track. A wholefood based multi vitamin can be the perfect option in these situations.

So, which one?
The question both Steph and I get asked so often is “If I am to take a supplement which one should I choose?”

Just like what you eat, any supplements you take have to be natural. That’s why the one that I have recently started taking and absolutely love is The Natural Vitamin Co Men’s Multivitamin. Steph and I also both upped our intake of their Vitamin C during the change in season and in the leadup to her wedding she was taking the Hair, Skin & Nails as well as the Probiotic Kombucha. The reason Steph & I love this company is that they are the first brand that has zero synthetic ingredients in their products. No matter how good your diet is (or if there’s plenty of room for improvement), these products are such a great and natural way to add a nutritional boost to your day.

The Natural Vitamin Co are available exclusively at Chemist Warehouse