Chopped green chicken salad
Chopped Green Chicken Salad
Just chop and toss! This Thai chicken salad is prepared in 15 minutes with no cooking time. It’s crunchy, zesty, super nutritious and insanely deli...
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Gingerbread chew featured
Ginger Chews
These cookies don't snap or crunch...they chew and they are perfect to help when that morning sickness nausea creeps in.Ingredients2.5 cup almond m...
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Screen shot 2019 03 05 at 9.34.36 am easy
28 by Sam Wood now has the I Quit Sugar Recommends Tick!
I am so excited to announce that my program 28 By Sam Wood is the first ever online program to get the I Quit Sugar tick of approval. For those tha...
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Screen shot 2019 02 11 at 11.22.41 am easy
How I look after my gut health
How I look after my gut healthThe food philosophy at 28 is, and always has been, to JERF. Just eat real food.Why? Because when we eat real food, we...
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Avo   goat's cheese smash featured %281%29
Avocado & Goat's Cheese Toast
Words cannot describe how completely, totally, absolutely obsessed we are with avocado toast, and it seems like the rest of the world is too! Ingre...
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Screen shot 2019 01 10 at 12.41.29 pm
How I Lost 35kgs and got my life back
After 4 years of infertility, 8 unsuccessful rounds of IVF, 4 miscarriages and what she describes as a whole bunch of heartache, Carly became a mum...
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Tahini granola with yoghurt
Tahini Granola
My 28ers go crazy for this granola recipe. Top with some greek yoghurt and your favourite fruits for a twist on an every day favourite.INGREDIENTS1...
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Screen shot 2018 12 21 at 11.43.38 am easy
My Top Tips for Getting Started on Your Health & Fitness Journey
As someone with more 16 years’ experience in the fitness industry, trust me, I have heard it all. “I’m too busy” and “I’m too tired” are the most c...
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28 Bali Summer Challenge Winners
Spring was the time for our 28ers to shape up for Summer and with the chance to win a holiday for four to Bali serving as motivation, thousands of ...
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Screen shot 2018 12 13 at 2.54.47 pm easy
Sam & Steph's Take On Supplements
The 28 food philosophy is, and always has been, to JERF. Just eat real food. But I’m amazed at how often both head nutritionist Steph and I get ask...
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Pearl barley with sesame rolled eggs 01
11 of the best foods for Weight Loss
When it comes to losing weight, I always say that training and nutrition are of equal importance. Sure, you can work out until the cows come home b...
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Screen shot 2018 11 30 at 9.24.15 am
Hangover Hacks to Survive The Silly Season
With the silly season well and truly upon us and the New Year fast approaching, we all know how easy it is for Friday night festivities to get out ...
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