Amazing results (inside & out) from my 8-week challenges

Whenever people talk about fitness or weight-loss challenges and they mention the word “transformation”, most of us will just think about the physical changes. However, anyone who has gone on a journey to better health will tell you that your transformation will go well beyond the size of your jeans.


16kg lost
in 8 weeks

I’m a busy mum and completely lost myself to motherhood. I have not only found myself, but found love for myself again following this challenge.


8kg lost
in 8 weeks

I haven’t felt deprived — but empowered — resulting in a completely transformed lifestyle. I’ve never been more proud of myself!


6kg lost
in 8 weeks

The biggest impact is mentally, feeling so much more healthy and confident in myself! This is the start of big changes for me AND my partner, who has been inspired by my transformation


12kgs lost
in 8 weeks

I now realise it wasn’t only about weight loss. It’s created a wonderful bond with my teenage daughter. I wake up happy, positive & loving life!

See what an 8-week challenge looks like

The core of the 8 Week Challenge is true to the 28 By Sam Wood program. Great daily workouts (with 5 different fitness levels), delicious eating plans (with gluten-free, pescatarian and vegetarian options), as well as support and motivation in real-time from myself and my crew.

  • Great daily workouts (with 5 fitness levels to choose from)
  • Bonus LIVE workouts with me
  • Delicious eating plans (with gluten-free, pescatarian & vegetarian options)
  • Accountability tools
  • Weekly LIVE nutrition sessions
  • Daily support and motivation from myself and my crew.

When you take part in my 8-week challenge you’ll gain access to our bonus live workouts and 8-week challenge accountability tools, as well as live fitness testing with Sam, weekly live nutrition sessions with Sam and Shahna and, of course, you’ll also be in the running to win some amazing prizes!

The support and motivation everyone gives each other in our private community can be so powerful. It doesn’t matter where you live, or how fit you are when you start, we’re all in this together. We become a family.

Get results from the comfort of your own home!

Ready to become a fitter, healthier you?

My online fitness, nutrition and mindset program costs less than $2 day, with no contracts. To join thousands of other 28er’s, just like you, register now and let’s get started!

Why join our 8-week challenge?

It’s only 8 weeks… and it works!

My 8-week challenge gives you an easy-to-follow structure, that is designed to fit into even the busiest of lives. Good nutrition & exercise shouldn’t be stressful or complicated, and my 8-week challenge will show you just how simple it is to make your health a priority.

Accountability and motivation to help you reach your goal

My 8-week challenge was designed to provide you with support every step along your journey, so you can become the best version of you. I will help you to set an 8-week goal and stay motivated and accountable to achieve that goal. You will be amazed at what you can achieve in just 8 weeks!

You can workout from the comfort of your own home

If you don’t like gyms, that’s fine. My 8 Week Challenge allows you to work out from the comfort of your own home (even in your pyjamas if you want!), you don’t need any special equipment.

All you need is your phone

All you need is your phone and 28 minutes a day to get real results.

You choose the workout intensity that challenges you

Whether you already exercise regularly, or if you haven’t been physically active in years, there is an option to suit you. When you join you’ll be asked to choose from 5 different workout levels, and if you find it’s too easy, you can change your level at any time.

If you’re just starting out, or if you have issues with your joints you can select our low-impact option that will still give you a great workout without putting too much strain on your hips or knees. Plus, we have safe workout options for new mums (or mums-to-be).

You only need 28 minutes a day to get results

Remember, it’s just 28 minutes a day. You will be challenged, but you CAN do this.

No matter what fitness intensity you choose, my 8-week challenge exercise routines are lean, fitness-transformation machines. My workouts are based on the scientifically proven high-intensity interval training (HIIT) methodology, so you can get maximum benefits in 28 minutes a day.

Amy lost 10kg on our first challenge and now she’s lost 20kg!

“It’s flexible and it’s not an all or nothing program. You fall off the wagon, you climb back on the next day.”

Amy started her journey with us on our very first 8 Week Challenge, she lost 10KG in the first 8 weeks and has continued to get results, now she’s lost a total of 20kg! 

“It’s flexible and it’s not an all or nothing program. You fall off the wagon, you climb back on the next day.”

Amy started her journey with us on our very first 8 Week Challenge. She lost 10KG in the first 8 weeks and has continued to get results, now she’s lost a total of 20kg! 

Healthy body, healthy mind. 28ers share their stories.

My 28ers share so many beautiful stories with me, telling me about all the positive benefits they’re experiencing thanks to my fitness challenges. It reminds me why I love what I do. I wake up with a big smile on my face knowing that helping people live their best lives is the best job in the world.

Thousands of people, from all around the world, take part in my 8-week challenges and the transformations I witness go so far beyond physical improvements. Of course, the before and after photos blow me away, but it’s the emotional, psychological and behavioural changes that I love hearing about the most.  

Hear what some of my amazing 28ers have to say…


Lost 5kg

My transformation is about more than lost kilos, centimetres and clothes sizes. It’s about being the best version of myself, for myself and my family. 


Lost 12kgs

A sustainable and ongoing journey that has completely reset my mind and body. I’ve learnt to be patient with my postnatal recovery.


Lost 9kg

I keep showing people my “new” body. I’ve realised it was always my same body, Sam just showed me how to love and nourish it. 


Lost 16kg

I now have a healthy and positive relationship within myself, and my family are also benefiting from my happier mindset. 

You don’t always have to make huge sacrifices or completely overhaul your lifestyle to start seeing real changes. In fact, you’re better off consistently making small changes to make your lifestyle healthy, enjoyable and most importantly: sustainable!

28ers getting it done!

Challenge success tips

How to get the most out of your 8-week challenge

1. Set SMART goals for your 8-week challenge

Write it down, put it on the fridge. Make sure your goal is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely). Make sure your big goals are broken up into smaller, more achievable goals, as this will keep you in a positive momentum until your bigger goal is closer. Remember, although our challenge is just for 8 weeks, the healthy changes you make today can be an important catalyst for the rest of your life.

To create new, healthy habits set achievable goals with a clear plan of how you’ll get there.

2. Set some simple rules around your nutrition

When setting yourself some personal rules, they don’t have to be strict or all-or-nothing, but it’s important to identify if you have areas of opportunity when it comes to your eating. Remember food is fuel and you should fuel your body the right way. Your nutrition rules could be as simple as increasing your water intake, cutting down on caffeine, drinking less alcohol or resisting the office biscuit tin at 3pm. They may seem small, but you’ll be surprised how much of an impact these changes will make by the end of your 8-week challenge.

When it comes to nutrition, my philosophy has always been as simple as this – just eat real food!

3. Set some key rules for how you’ll train

The best advice I give to all my 28ers is: commit to doing something active every day for 8 weeks. This doesn’t mean you need to train like an Olympian or sweat like a maniac Monday through to Sunday. All you need is 28 minutes a day with me, from Monday to Friday. Then, on the weekend, make sure you take a good walk or swim a couple of laps at the local pool.

The key is to do something every day.

4. Make yourself accountable

Now you’ve got your goals and your system in place, tell people about it. Share what you are going to do and how you’re going to do it. And make sure the people you tell care enough about you that they’ll call you on your BS if you start to let your new habits slide.

Studies show you’re more likely to achieve your goals if you tell people about it.

5. Make this about your internal journey

Once you’ve let others know what you are doing, take a moment to commit to yourself. You’re now on an internal journey, and although life will sometimes throw a curveball at you, don’t let external influences derail you.

The key to success is what you decide to do when ‘life happens’. When you accept you can only control the controllable and you decide you won’t let things out of your control sabotage your commitment to becoming a healthier, happier you, you’ll always find a way to achieve your goals.

Don’t let external influences derail you from becoming a healthier version of you.

6. Remember a healthy mind is as important as a healthy body

You don’t have to retreat to the mountains and chant for hours but, I promise you if you set aside some time for you it will make a world of difference. Whether it’s a guided meditation led by one of my mind experts or some journaling, the important thing to remember is that this time is for you!

If you get your mind in the right place, your body will follow.

7. Your healthy lifestyle doesn’t have a finish line

When you reach the final day of the challenge, it’s time to give yourself a big WELL DONE. It’s also time to take a deep breath and reflect on the progress you’ve made, and to acknowledge where there are still improvements to be made. Then, set yourself a new goal for the next 8 weeks. Take this opportunity to challenge yourself and keep building on the progress you’ve made.

Reflect on what you’ve achieved and don’t lose momentum!

8-week challenge results

I am truly inspired by the amazing, real results my 28ers have had on our 8-week challenges. I wanted to share some transformative stories (inside and out) with you.

Alita lost 16kg

I’m a busy mum and completely lost myself to motherhood. I have not only found myself, but found love for myself again following this 8 week challenge.

Amanda lost 9kg

Prioritising health = happier mum & wife. I eat for nutrition & exercise for self-care. Socialising not isolating, PTSD lessened. Love & accepting my post-baby body. Fit Police mum.

Kate lost 6kg

The biggest impact has been mentally, I’m feel so much healthier and more confident! This is the start of big changes for me and my partner who has been inspired by my transformation.

Leona lost 6kg

28 has transformed my mind and body, from a post-cancer treatment train wreck to feeling alive again. I needed help and you certainly gave it.

Challenge nutrition

Real food for real results.

My 28 program is designed to make healthy eating as simple as possible. The philosophy here at 28 is ‘Just Eat Real Food’, or JERF for short. You don’t have to worry about strict diet rules and you won’t have to obsess over how many calories are in a snack. My nutrition team take care of all that for you.

Delicious meals to boost your metabolism

My healthy meal plans have been tested by thousands of people just like you, and guess what? It works! Our quick and simple meals are scientifically designed to improve your metabolism and turn you into a fat-burning machine.

Our meal plans are customisable and easy to follow. You can choose your plan based on whether you want to lose weight and get lean, or if you want to maintain a healthy weight while you tone up and build muscle. We also have thousands of tasty recipes for vegetarians, pescatarians and people who suffer from gluten-intolerance.

All you have to do is tell us your gender, goals and dietary preferences when you join and then… just follow my 28 plan.

8 week challenge meals
My 28ers share their favourite 8-week challenge meals

Flexible meal options to suit the whole family

My program has over 3,000 delicious recipes, and as part of my program, you have the ability to swap or drop any recipe. You can also change the serving size to suit single, couples or families up to 8, so you never have to worry!

Time poor?

28 gives you the option to integrate your weekly shopping list with Woolworths online shopping, so eating healthy has never been quicker, easier or more affordable.

Need breakfast on the go? Give this easy and delicious smoothie a try!

Choc Mint Smoothie

Anyone up for a choc mint smoothie? Smoothies are a great idea when you need lunch on-the-go, which is why we've added more smoothie options to the 28 menu!
Get the full recipe

How the 28 App keeps you on track! 

The app helps you take your fitness & health to the next level.

My commitment to everyone who joins 28 is that I’ll use the best technology to deliver you the best program that gives you the best chance of success. 

My favourite part of the app is “Sam Cam”, which is where you receive daily motivation, live workouts and support from me, that I send to you via the app in real-time. I really am the personal trainer in your pocket, and I’m here to make sure you reach all your health & fitness goals to become the best version of you.

28 makes your weekly grocery shopping a breeze

Once you’ve confirmed your meals & recipes for the week (and how many servings per meal you need to cook), your 28 app will provide you with a weekly shopping list.

Easy (and optional) grocery delivery via Woolworths

If you’re short on time and want to link your shopping list via our online integration with Woolworths, you can even have your weekly ingredients delivered straight to your door!

Be Supported, 7 Days A Week

Our fitness & nutrition program provides you with live support, 7 days a week. When you join the 28 family, you’ll have access to ‘Sam’s Crew’, my nutrition & fitness support team. The crew work closely with me here at 28 HQ, and they’re available to help you 7 days a week via email, live chat, and our private Facebook group.

28 By Sam Wood Crew
Sam’s Crew, here to support you 7 days a week.

How to turn an 8-week challenge into a lifetime of a healthier you

The new habits you learn and the results you receive on 28 will last because the fitness, eating nad healthy lifestyle changes are enjoyable and sustainable. These 28ers below not only reached their weight loss and fitness goals but they’ve continued to maintain their results on my 28 program.


20kg lost
in 10 months

My goal was always ‘abs’, however crazy as that may seem after 4 kids. I wanted to lose 12kgs… I’ve now lost 20!!! AMAZING!


35kg lost
in 11 months

The changes I made have been realistic & sustainable. That’s the beauty of 28. Nothing crazy. Nothing extreme. Eating real food & moving my body.


60kg lost
in 16 months

This program has educated me, and now eating healthily, and exercising daily is my norm. I changed my mindset and changed my lifestyle resulting in me changing my life. 


11kg lost

I have a totally different mindset, I am confident and content. I’m now the person I always wanted to be. Thanks to 28 I have the tools and support to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.

Transformations in just 8 weeks

These 28ers took the first step to becoming the best version of themselves. They joined our 8-week challenge and they haven’t looked back since.


Lost 7kg

Happy; proud; excited; hopeful; fitter; healthier; thinner; lighter; confident; motivated. I look forward to the next 2 months of progression.


Lost 7kg

I did the fitness challenge and followed the 28 diet plan. With the help of the crew (and some hard work), I lost 7kg in 8 weeks.


Lost 7kg

Lost 7kg in 8 weeks, gained much more. I allow photos of me to be tagged, I moisturise, I shave my legs… I have self-worth! 


Lost 9kg

I am healthier than I have ever been. The challenge has made me believe in myself, it’s taught me to make the best choices for me and my health. 


Customised challenge for new mums and mums-to-be!

If you’re expecting, or have recently become a new mum, congratulations! In conjunction with our resident Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Chloe Lorback, I’ve created a wide range of pregnancy-safe workouts to help your body stay fit and healthy during each trimester, plus special exercise routines to help postnatal bodies safely get back to fitness.

Once you’ve got the all-clear to exercise from your doctor, I’d love you to take part in our 8-week fitness challenge!

All you have to do is tick ‘pregnancy’ or ‘postnatal’ when you join our program.

our fitness challenge is open for mums
We have a customised fitness challenge for mums and mums-to-be.


Don’t wait. The best time to get started is NOW