Create a fitter, healthier you with my home fitness program

28 By Sam Wood is a complete fitness, nutrition and mindset program designed to help you get active and stay healthy at home. My program has already helped 300,000 people live a healthier life from the comfort of their own home, and I’ve love to help you too!

Join 28 and you can include the whole family in your home workouts – let’s keep everyone fit, active & healthy at home!

The online fitness program that makes it simple to get in shape and stay active at home!

My full-body home workouts are designed to tone your body in just 28 minutes a day. And, in conjunction with my nutritious weekly meal plans, you’ll soon see why my program has helped so many people get fit, eat well, and live a healthier life… from the comfort of their own home!

With a new customised workout with me every day plus delicious weekly eating plans, my home fitness program is designed to fast track your home fitness results and change your life forever!

  • You only need a phone and 28 minutes a day and, within 28 days, I guarantee you’ll feel and see the benefits.
  • Whether you use a tablet, a phone or a laptop, my complete fitness and nutrition program is there for you whenever you need it
  • With effective, fast workouts that can be done at home, I know you’ll be able to squeeze my 28-minute workouts into your day

Why work in 28-day fitness blocks?

I’m a big believer that 28 is the magic number. 28 days is long enough to see results but also short enough that you won’t feel like your goal is too far away, or that the mountain is too high to climb. When your 28 day fitness block is up, you should reward your efforts, then hit reset and work towards your new 28-day goal. It really is as simple as this!

Get fit at home with the 28 family

My complete fitness, nutrition & mindset program is less than $2 a day.

No ongoing contracts, cancel anytime.

Looking for a home fitness plan that makes getting fit fun and easy?

I know that getting in shape, and staying in shape, can be hard at the best of times. And with so many of us juggling work and family demands, it can be difficult to find the time to look after you, and maintain healthy new fitness and eating habits. That’s where my at-home fitness program comes in!

At 28, my training and nutrition program is designed to make getting healthy easy. All you need is your phone and 28 minutes a day!

Regardless of your current lifestyle, my fitness program is designed to work around you and your life. Whether you are a full-time university student, a busy working mum or just someone who loves working out but can’t get to the gym, my online 28-minute home fitness program suits every schedule and every fitness level.

The 28 program gives you the structure you need to just ‘get it done’ with quick, convenient and effective HIIT workouts that make getting fit so much easier to achieve.

Let the 28 app help your fitness stay on track!

You can access all your recipes and home workouts via the app as well as from a computer.

When you install my app you’ll get me as the personal trainer in your pocket!

My favourite app feature is being able to stream my daily “Sam Cam” to you on your phone. It might be motivational or educational, and it might even include a bonus live workout to help you take your fitness up a level!

28 uses the latest technology to deliver you Australia’s #1 home fitness program, proven to get results!

Over 300,000 people are living healthier lives with my home fitness program
Now, it’s your turn!

Less than $2 per day. No ongoing contracts, cancel anytime.

I have a fitness program for you, no matter your current fitness level

Whether you are a rookie wanting to get active or you’re a fitness fanatic looking for the next physical challenge at home, our 28-minute fitness programs have something for everyone. When you start on my fitness program you’ll be asked to set the intensity level for your current fitness level, but as soon as you find it becomes too easy, you can up the intensity from within your app so you’re always challenging yourself. You can also select ‘low impact’ if you’d like to increase your fitness with full-body exercises, without the added pressure on your joints.

28 by sam wood workout levels

Did you know we have a postnatal fitness program as well as a pregnancy exercise & nutrition program? Both programs have been customised for the special needs of new mums and mums-to-be.

Real food for real fitness results.

eat real food for real results
Our approach to eating? JERF: just eat real food!

Ready to become a fitter, healthier you?

My home fitness, nutrition and mindset program costs $59 a month, that’s less than $2 day, with no ongoing contracts.

Fresh ingredients & delicious recipes the whole family will enjoy

When it comes to getting in shape and staying healthy, we all know the importance of eating a balanced and nutritious diet. We have plenty of delicious options for vegetarians, pescatarians and gluten-intolerant people too. With a new eating plan (including lots of healthy snack options) created every week by our nutritionists, you’ll find our recipes are big on variety and flavour, with fresh and tasty ingredients the whole family can enjoy.

Here at 28 by Sam Wood, we believe you should JERF (just eat real food) to gain all the important nutrients your active body needs from a wide variety of wholefood sources.

real food for real results the family will love
You’ll find plenty of healthy recipes & cooking videos in our program.

The secret ingredient to succeeding on a home fitness program: mindset!

When it comes to taking that first step and starting a new fitness journey, I really believe in the power of the mind. My home fitness program gives you access to a library of mindfulness exercises provided from industry professionals to help you de-stress at any time. This means you’ll be able to get yourself in the right mindset and this will really help you stay on track while you’re following my fitness program and, of course, the positive mindset habits you learn at 28 will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle that’s sustainable for the long term.

Whether it be a relaxing meditation before bed or a motivational session first thing in the morning, my team of experts are on hand to make sure you maintain a positive state of thinking at each step of your fitness journey.

mindset for fitness success
Mindset is an important part of staying on track to become a fitter you.

Join my home fitness program and join thousands of 28er’s today!

At 28, my team and I are dedicated to helping people live a happy and healthy life. With dynamic and varied workouts, convenience and effectiveness, I know that once you start 28 you will never look back.

When you sign up to my fitness program, you’ll gain immediate access to 1000s of recipes and all my customised workouts, as well as pilates and yoga videos… plus you’ll also have access to our library of motivation and mindset podcasts.

Whether you simply want to kickstart a healthier lifestyle at home or you want to transform your entire body, 28’s fitness and nutrition program is the perfect path to becoming the best version of you.

Don’t spend another day wishing for a healthier lifestyle. Register today and join thousands of 28ers just like you on the road to transforming their lives.


My team and I are passionate about helping people on their quest to a healthier and happier lifestyle. With easy-to-follow 28 minute workouts plus daily support from me and my crew of health & fitness professionals, I am confident you’ll love everything my home fitness program has to offer.

Less than $2 per day. No ongoing contracts, cancel anytime.


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