Why does the 28 By Sam Wood home fitness & nutrition program get results?

28 makes it easy for you to get fit at home and stay healthy, inside and out. It breaks down the barriers holding you back and shows you that, with just 28 minutes of exercise a day and a simple approach to healthy eating, real transformation is possible.

With at-home workouts, including HIIT, Quick HIIT and yoga, delicious seasonal eating plans, plus daily support and motivation from me, my 28 program gives you everything you need to create healthy, sustainable changes that will get you results.

Inspiring before & after results with 28

After helping over 400,000 people nearly over 4 million kilos, we’ve seen firsthand how even the smallest lifestyle changes on our 28 program, consistently followed, can lead to big results! But don’t take our word for it, hear what our amazing 28ers have to say about their health & weight loss journey with 28.


12kg lost in 8 weeks


12kg lost
in 8 weeks

Realising it wasn’t only about weight loss. It’s brought a wonderful bond with my teenage daughter I wake up happy, positive & loving life.


5kg lost in 8 weeks


5kg lost
in 8 weeks

It has made me a better mum! I haven’t touched alcohol, and my anxiety has completely disappeared! Thank you Sam!


20kg lost in 10 months


20kg lost
in 10 months

My goal was always ‘abs’, however crazy as that may seem after 4 kids. I wanted to lose 12kgs… I’ve now lost 20!!! AMAZING!


8kg lost in 8 weeks


8kg lost
in 8 weeks

I haven’t felt deprived — but empowered — resulting in a completely transformed lifestyle. I’ve never been more proud of myself!

It is so inspiring to see someone completely transform themselves, inside and out. It makes me so proud to know my home program has already helped 400,000 Australians get fitter and healthier.

I recently caught up with some of our 28ers on my “Give Sam a Hug Tour”, and I’d love you to hear what they had to say about their personal transformations on my program.

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Who am I?

Sam Wood founder of 28bySamWood

I created ’28 by Sam Wood’ because I was tired of seeing people waste their time and money training the wrong way, eating the wrong foods and not being supported or educated in a way that leads to genuine change and sustainable results.

I am a personal trainer with over 20 years of experience. My methods and training techniques have achieved incredible results for thousands of people. I keep things simple, because I know what works and what doesn’t.

When it comes to helping people get fit & healthy, I have been lucky enough to experience it all. I started my career as a humble fitness instructor at my university gym while studying Exercise Science, and soon enough I was running my own personal training business, booked solid with 90 appointments a week. I later opened Gecko Sports (Australia’s first-ever kid’s gym), which I built up to 30+ national franchises.

I’m now the proud owner of The Woodshed, Australia’s largest personal training studio in Melbourne, and a media commentator on all things health and fitness. But, most importantly, as founder of the 28 program I’m here with YOU every day as your friend, mentor and trainer.

28 is my life. It’s what I do, and it’s how I live.

28 breaks down the barriers that are holding you back and shows you, with just 28 minutes of exercise a day and a simple approach to healthy eating, that real transformation is possible. Id love you to join me and my 28 family as we get fitter and healthier together.

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One reason why so many people get results with 28 is because of the support they receive from me and my crew

Results the healthy 28 way

The 28 program gives you everything you need to get results. From at-home workouts, including 28 minute HIIT sessions with me, Quick 10 minute HIIT with Anna, or yoga with Zoe, to delicious seasonal eating plans, as well as daily support and motivation from me and the ongoing live support from my Aussie crew, 7 days a week, you’ll love everything my program has to offer.

Create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle you’ll love.

When you join my program, we will set goals together and work in 28-day fitness blocks to ensure you get the results you want. I’ll provide you with a simple home fitness & healthy eating plan that is customisable, easy to follow and designed to fit into your busy life, naturally!

  • Quick, effective workouts you can do at home
  • Delicious, healthy meal plans created by my nutritionist team
  • Plus, support and motivation in real-time from me, every day

My philosophy to getting healthy and losing weight is about keeping it simple: move every day and just eat real food.

Weight loss transformations on 28

Geoffrey lost 15.6kg and regained his confidence!

I found a confidence, energy and happiness I thought had died in my teenage years! I feel calmer/mindful. This healthy lifestyle transformed my mind/body beyond my aspirations!

Jacinta lost 16kg and is feeling unstoppable!

before and after - Jacinta lost 16kg & won the challenge
“I have completely turned my life around. From unhealthy, unfit and depressed to unstoppable, incredible, healthy, full of life and addicted to bettering myself.”

Jacinta was the winner of my Port Douglas 8 Week Home Fitness Challenge where she lost 10 kilos in 8 weeks. Since then she’s lost a total of 16kg on my program – what an incredible result!

One of 28’s most inspirational transformation stories…

Linda lost 60kg in just 16 months

Linda really is a special lady and her results on our program are incredible. Linda started our program as a size 26, and transformed herself into a fit and healthy size 12.

At the start of her 28er journey she told me she couldn’t even walk around the block but look at her now. At 52 years of age and 60kg lighter, Linda just completed her first half-marathon.

Linda lost 60kg (before and after photos) 28 by sam wood

VIDEO: When Sam met Linda

Linda lives in the UK but I was so blown away by her incredible health and weight loss achievement that I knew I had to meet her. Snez and I hopped on a plane for a surprise visit, where we learned more about Linda’s journey, and the amazing transformation she experienced on my home fitness & nutrition program.

Watch Linda’s inspirational weight loss before and after video

I love this program and the community. Since joining I have never looked back. My lifestyle from then to now is so different. No migraines, normal blood pressure without medication and a wonderful active life. Anyone wanting to change their life, give this a go. Best value for money, easy to follow and as results have shown, so effective.


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