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Meet Chloe

Chloe graduated as a physiotherapist (with Honours) from Melbourne University in 1997 and completed her Masters in Women’s Health in 2010. Chloe currently consults as a senior physiotherapist at St Vincent’s Private Maternity and has been helping mums at 28 since the beginning.

What’s included?

Postnatal-safe workouts

Choose from low impact workouts, yoga & pilates

Postnatal-safe meal plans

Customised meal plans tailored to dietary requirements

Guided meditations

Because mind health is just as important during this exciting time

Live Support Team

The Crew available 7 days a week to help you on your postnatal journey

Women’s health experts

Nutrition, exercise & mindset experts to support you during your postnatal journey

Engaged 28 Community

Join our supportive, engaged private Postnatal-safe Facebook community

Note: Please ensure you receive clearance from your doctor before commencing any new routines during your postnatal journey.

“A lot of mums tell me that they hadn’t done any form of regular exercise before joining 28, yet it doesn’t take them long to discover that daily movement has become a normal and enjoyable part of their new lifestyle that has made a huge impact.”

Sam Wood

Preview: Glo with Chlo Tuesday

Choose from a range of 100% postnatal safe workouts as you’re guided through options such as low impact, yoga and pilates. We are with you every step of the way!

20 min
No equipment required


Meals customised for you

Take the hassle out of preparing meals and knowing exactly what to eat with our customised meal plans which only offer postnatal safe recipes.


Meditations for you

We know how important it is to nurture a healthy mind, as well as a healthy body. Access a range of meditation and mindfulness resources to take time out for yourself during these exciting times.