Let’s face it, not everyone loves workouts that focus on your core and make you feel like your abdominals are basically on fire. Some people love them!… but some people loath them!!

Whichever camp you’re a member of, it is truly fascinating how much a strong core benefits us. Here are just a few reasons why you should prioritise developing your core strength in your workouts.

  • Injury prevention

    Think of your core strength as your stable base to which everything is anchored! With the increased ability to stabilise your limbs when working out, playing sport or taking part in any kind of physical activity, you greatly reduce your risk of injury to areas such as hips, shoulders, even knees and ankles.

  • Boosts workout performance

    Your core is essentially the source of all of your strength and power. A strong core enables us to better partake in athletic movements, contributing to better performance in everything from running and cycling, through to strength work, dance, swimming, you name it!

  • Normal everyday tasks

    Yes, a strong core will even make emptying the dishwasher easier and picking up after the kids! All of your movement comes from your core. So, the stronger and more agile and activated that point of your body is, the easier all of those day-to-day tasks and chores are going to be. Trust me – vacuuming, hanging out the clothes, even doing the food shopping is easier with a strong core!
  • Better posture

    Good posture is essential, and a strong core will absolutely contribute to that. Back pain from sitting poorly during the day at work or even when driving can be truly debilitating. And maintaining good posture without core strength can actually get quite exhausting! The stronger your core, the more you’ll be able to maintain proper posture without even thinking about it too much.

Keen to work on your core strength? Check out some of our 28 full body workouts with me, Sam Wood. I promise you’ll work up a sweat and workout muscles you maybe didn’t even know you had!

Posted by Sam Wood

Father and husband, on a mission to help people move more, eat better and make a positive change to their lives. Sam Wood has over 20 years experience as a personal trainer and is recognised as one of Australia’s leading experts and media commentators in the health & fitness industry. Sam is the founder and personal trainer of 28, Australia’s #1 home fitness and nutrition program, and he's also the proud owner of Australia’s largest personal training studio, The Woodshed, based in Brighton, Melbourne.