There's more to Weight Loss than Calorie Counting & Calculators

Calorie Calculator

Calorie Calculator

Have you ever tried to lose weight and experienced the confusion and stress of calorie counting? With so many calorie calculator and points system programs available, I totally understand it can be hard to know what to trust or what really works.

At 28 we believe food should be enjoyed, not counted which is why our amazing nutrition team make sure the macronutrient balance is just right so you don’t have to.

Nutrition Plans that Don’t Leave You Feeling Deprived

Here at 28, our goal is to provide nutritious and wholesome foods that give you the fuel needed to transform your body and turn it into a fat-burning machine. With more of a focus on the quality and not quantity, our meal plans will ensure that you no longer need that calorie calculator app or to log your meals.

If you have made the decision to transform your body and overall lifestyle, we know that tracking your calorie intake can be a key component to achieving results. However, at 28 we believe that food should be enjoyed, not counted. So whether it be shredding off a few extra kilos or maintaining your current shape, my online program allows you to enjoy flavoursome foods without the stress of calorie counting.

We want you to have a healthy relationship with food, which is why our nutrition team makes sure your macronutrient balance is just right so you don’t have to track and count the calories. With a new balanced meal plan offered to you every week, our team of nutritionists are here to give you wholesome meals packed full of all the calories you need.

At 28, my team of experts are dedicated to ensuring you enjoy each step of your weight loss journey. With a highly experienced nutritionist team providing delicious recipes combined with ongoing support from me, my crew and the community of 28er’s, I know you’ll achieve results while enjoying our quick, easy and delicious recipes.

I understand that maintaining a healthy calorie intake is key to achieving the ultimate goal of a healthier you. But at 28 we don’t promote calorie counting as the core focus in your fitness journey.

With dynamic workout routines and wholesome meal plans combine with mindfulness exercises, we guarantee you’ll be able to reach your target. Lots of 28ers achieve their happy, healthy and sustainable weight without ever having counted a single calorie.

To ensure you are fueling your body for your workouts and day to day life, I recommend following our delicious 28 meal plans. Backed by the best nutritionist in the business, my amazing team are here to do all the work for you, giving you more time to focus on changing your life for the better!

Weight Loss Without a BMI Focus

My approach is that if you are curious, by all means have a look at your BMI, or your weight on the scales. However we must understand that when it comes to tracking our fitness journey, these numbers are not the most reliable indicator of success.

A BMI calculator is not a weight loss calculator. For example, it doesn’t take into account factors such as waist circumference, age, ethnicity, gender, body composition or the fact that we are all different shapes and sizes. A BMI can't distinguish between fat and muscle, which tends to be heavier and can tip more toned individuals into overweight status, even if their fat levels are low.

With daily fluctuations and varying health conditions, a BMI calculator can be used as a guide but only that - a guide.

Here at 28, we are all about progress not perfection. We don’t compare ourselves to others, we don’t fixate on our score from a calculator, a chart or the scales. We work in 28 day blocks focusing on getting better all the time and achieving a happy, healthy, sustainable version of ourselves.

My team and I focus on helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain long after the program is over. With my signature method to weight loss and body transformation, my dynamic 28 fitness and nutrition program is targeting more than just the number on a calculator.

No matter what your existing BMI measurement is or the number on the scale, I have created the right fitness program for you. Whether you are new to exercise or a fitness fanatic junkie looking for your next challenge, my program ranges from rookie to maniac, ensuring there is a training level for everyone.

Although it can be helpful to know your BMI at the start of your fitness journey, we focus more so on the end result. Whether it be to lose a few kilos or to completely transform your body, my 28-weight loss program is based on helping you reach your happy, healthy weight and not having your mood or focus revolve around BMI’s or numbers.

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