Sam Wood’s Challenge Competition Terms & Conditions

Sam Wood’s May 8 Week Challenge Competition (“the Competition”) run by Australian Life Tech Pty Ltd (“28”) is subject to the following terms and conditions:   

  1. The Competition will operate between Monday 2nd May 2022 and Sunday 26th June 2022 (“Transformation Period”)   
  2. Individuals wishing to participate in the Competition (“Competitors”) must be financial members of the Online Exercise & Nutrition Program (“the Program”) provided by 28 throughout the entire duration of the Transformation Period, signing up no later than midnight on the Monday 9th May 2022. 
  3. Competition Prize: The Competition Prize consists of the following:
    1. Most Inspiring Transformation – $10,000
    2. Best Community Leader – $5,000
    3. The ‘Finisher’ Prize – everyone who completes the Challenge will get a prize pack
  4. Competitors must comply with the Program policies and criteria as well as the following criteria to be eligible to win the Competition prize:
    1. Pre-Transformation Photo: Competitors may upload a photo of themselves, in their Competition application, prior to the commencement of the Transformation Period. This photo must accurately represent the physical representation of the Competitor on the date the photo is uploaded.   
    2. Post-Transformation Photo: Competitors may upload a second photograph to their Competition profile at  between Sunday 26th June 2022 & midnight Wednesday 29th June. This photo must accurately represent the physical representation of the Competitor on the date the photograph is uploaded.   
    3. 28-Word Sentence: Competitors must also submit a sentence (no more than 28 words) at the end of the Transformation Period about their transformation journey to be eligible for the “Most Inspiring Transformation” or the “Best Community Leader” categories. 
  5. Competition judging: After the close of the Transformation Period, Sam Wood and his representatives will judge the Competitors’ Transformation Photos (where provided), sentences and participation to determine which Competitors have achieved the Most Inspiring Transformation and the Best Community Leader to award the Competition Prizes. The winners of the Competition will be announced before Monday 25th July, 2022.  
  6. Terms of Use: 28’s general Terms of Use, which govern 28’s website and mobile device application, apply and are to be read in conjunction with these Terms and Conditions.