Sam Wood’s Dance Into Summer Competition Terms & Conditions


Sam Wood’s ‘Dance into Summer’ Competition commencing from Tuesday 1st until Wednesday 30th November 2022 (“the Competition”) run by Australian Life Tech Pty Ltd (“28”) is subject to the following terms and conditions:   

  1. The Competition will operate between Tuesday 1st until Wednesday 30th November 2022 
  2. Individuals who participate in the competition (Competitors) must have completed at least one Dance into Summer Dance Fit workout within the app for the month of November and be a paying member for the entire month of November, 2022. Completed is defined as participating in the workout and hitting the complete button within the 28 app.
  3. Competition Prize: The Competition Prize consists of the following:
  4. This competition is only open to Australian Residents.
  5. 1 x Major Prize Winner
    1. 1 x SONOS Surround Set with Ray Speaker System

    Prize valued at $977

Total prize pool is valued at $977 This is not transferrable and not redeemable for cash.

Competitors must comply with the policies and criteria as well as the following criteria to be eligible to win the Competition prize:

7. Competition judging: After the close of the Dance into Summer competition period, Sam Wood and his representatives will pick a winner by drawing at random.

8. The winner will be announced via the 28 by Sam Wood Community Facebook Page and also notified via email by Monday 12th December.

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