1. Bananas ghosts – dried fruit for the eyes & mouth (currants for the eyes, cranberry or sultana for the mouth).
  2. Pumpkins – peel mandarins and place a slice of green apple or celery through the centre for the stalk.
  3. Yoghurt bowl – Greek yoghurt with melted dark chocolate spider web (drizzle 2-3 circles in a bullseye shape. Take a toothpick/skewer and draw it from the centre of the cake outwards, dragging the white icing slightly to create a peaked effect. Repeat multiple times in equal distances to create a spiderweb effect.
  4. Green/red apple mouths – Quarter the apples. Cut the centre out of each quarter to create a hollow which will act as the mouth. Place pepitas vertically onto the upper side of the mouth and a slice of strawberry into the hollow for the tongue. Place the candy eyes onto the apple using some honey or nut butter to help them stick.
  5. Strawberry ghosts – drizzle melted white chocolate over the strawberries and stick on candy eyes/dark choc chips or dried fruit for the eyes.
  6. Blueberry eyes – Use remaining melted white chocolate and drizzle over the blueberries (can substitute for grapes) for candy eyes to stick.
  7. Decorate! – sprinkle dark chocolate chips and any accessories (plastic spider) over the board to fill any spaces.