Moore completely transformed her exercise routine and nutritional habits using the 28 by Sam Wood program.

For Elena Moore, embarking on a total health transformation was never about getting washboard abs or looking a certain way. Instead, her evolving relationship with how she moved and fuelled her body has always been inspired by a desire to be the best version of herself, starting from within. 

After following the esteemed 28 by Sam Wood program, the 38-year-old from Pascoe Vale South has rediscovered her love of exercise, finding the flexibility of the program’s nutritional guides and exercise plans the perfect addition to her busy schedule. 

While she admits to starting the program a few times over the past few years, it wasn’t until August 2022 that the mother of three seriously committed to her weight loss journey. 

Now, a little over a year later, Moore has maintained an impressive weight loss of 16kg, a reflection of her hard work and unwavering determination. 

As a mother of three, Moore says her relationship with healthy eating and exercise throughout the years has always been dictated by a time-poor schedule, never finding enough time to prioritise a healthy routine.  

“I was 55kg prior to getting pregnant with my first child at 31 years old, then after I had Taylor, I got pregnant shortly after with my daughter, Willow,” recounts Moore, attributing her fluctuating weight to the physical toll of pregnancy and motherhood. 

After giving birth to her third child, Denver, in February 2022, Moore weighed 70kg. Then, adding immense stress to an already intense postpartum period, she suffered a particularly painful blow to her personal life, kickstarting her determination to reprioritise her health, inside and out.

“My husband had just left me and my life was a complete mess,” she says. “All of our future plans were crushed and my life was full of uncertainty. I had three young children, one of which was only 5 months old at the time.” 

“I knew that in order to find happiness again, I needed to be happy within myself, both for me and for my kids,” she adds. “I wanted to be a positive role model to them and I also wanted to take control of my life again.”

Alongside revamping her exercise routine, Moore underwent a total overhaul of her nutritional knowledge, following the recommendations and meal plans provided by the program.  

“With no real education on healthy eating, I snacked most days and would skip meals due to mum life and the chaos it brings,” Moore says, recounting her unstructured diet during the early years of motherhood. 

Taking a realistic approach, Moore says she sticks to 80 per cent of the program’s meal recommendations, still finding opportunities to go out and enjoy herself, “That’s what makes 28 such an easy diet to follow, it allows for a treat every so often and doesn’t restrict you to a zero-fun lifestyle.”

Elena’s typical day on a plate:

Breakfast: Banana pancakes, or the 28 by Sam Wood raspberry chia seeds recipe on days she is working and needs to prep overnight.

Lunch: Leftovers from the night before.

Dinner: Steph’s Moroccan lamb or Sam’s butter chicken recipes from the app. 

Snacks: Moore usually has a small bag of popcorn or a bit of sweet fruit if she’s craving something sweeter. A piece of dark chocolate or the program’s chocolate mousse are also favourites of hers.

Moore has rediscovered her zest for life and has never felt better. Image: Supplied

Elena’s biggest learnings

For Moore, finding the motivation to push herself toward her goals during such a low period of her life was the most challenging part of her health journey. 

On days where she felt less than eager to sweat out a session or prepare a nutritious meal, she found the constant support and direction from the program’s coaches made all the difference, “[Their] energy pushed me when I was flat and gave me that push I needed,” she says.

“A great man (Sam Wood) once said ‘It’s about progress, not perfection’,” quotes Moore, when asked what her biggest piece of advice for others would be. “Set goals and give them a time frame. And once you reach that goal, set another until you get to where you want to be!”

As for her biggest lesson? Eating ‘healthily’ is all about balance, not restriction, “You can still enjoy the delicious things in life by making minor alterations,” she says. 

This article is originally from Herald Sun.

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