A lunchtime workout that won’t ruin your hair and makeup OK, so I went to Snezana for some advice on this one. The key to the lunchtime workout that won’t mess with your hair and makeup, is to not workout at all (just joking!). No really, the key is to still get your heart rate up, but not too high, work those muscles for a good burn and throw in some good mobility yoga moves, too. You’ll see there is no jumping or running, just moving quickly from one exercise to the next. If you can, try working out in an air-conditioned room or with a fan on. Do each exercise for one minute for a 10-minute full body workout with not a hair out of place! Wall Squat Keep knees and hips at a 90-degree angle with your shoulders relaxed. Remember not to hold your breath! Warrior One (1 minute both sides) Get a deep stretch and feel the burn before swapping legs. Stay strong, with complete balance and control in this move. Side Plank (1 minute both sides) This is a killer for your obliques. It is a static hold but don’t let that fool you – this is tough. Ensure your chest stays open, your head is back and you have a nice straight line through your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. To up the ante, lift your top leg and balance only on the bottom one. Downward Dog Keep your hips lifted to the ceiling and let your head fall into a nice and relaxed position. (Excuse my flexibility, it really needs work!) Triceps Dips Ensure your fingers are facing forwards and your butt is as close to the chair as possible it should almost be touching it. Feel free to bend your knees if you have to as you fatigue. Static Lunge (1 minute both sides) Focus on getting a 90-degree angle in both legs, trying to bend the back knee to the floor and making sure your front knee doesn’t push too front forward over the toes. Push Ups Keep these slow and controlled (if you need to drop to your knees as you fatigue, that is fine!) Ensure you are breathing in on the way down and out on the way up for as many quality repetitions as you can.

Posted by Sam Wood

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