Our latest 8-week challenge kicked off on the 7th of October 2019, and thousands of my 28ers used it as the motivation they needed to make some big changes, inside and out, so they could get healthy before the official start of summer.

Thousands of 28ers entered our latest 8 Week Challenge so they could change their lives and improve their health, AND put themselves in the running to win $10,000 cash!

Of course, beyond the physical changes that come with moving more and eating better, there are so many other benefits of taking part in a fitness challenge. A challenge can be a great tool to prioritise your health and, when you follow my program, you’ll soon find you have more energy, you’ll feel stronger and more confident and… you’ll probably sleep a lot better as well!

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Challenge stories shared by our community

By the end of the challenge, so many 28ers todl me they not only felt healthier, they also fetl a lot happier too. But, don’t take my word for it, take a look at some of the happy (and sometimes sweaty) faces of my challengers sharing their stories in our community!

Challengers getting their workouts done
Challengers share their favourite healthy homemade meals

Choosing the challenge winners (January 2020)

As always, I have the difficult and very unenviable task of choosing winners ło receive some incredible prizes. I spend hours upon hours with my crew going through the submissions, looking not just at the amazing photos but the words that tell stories that photos simply can’t.

More often than not, when we hear the word “transformation” we think of physical changes. However, if you ask anyone who has spent any amount of time on a journey to improve their health, they will be able to tell you that the transformation goes well beyond the size of your clothes or the fit of your jeans. That’s why this is not a weight loss challenge. This is a mind and body transformation challenge.

It is important to remember this is a challenge, not a competition. The only person you are competing against is yourself. So if you feel you have become a better version of yourself over these past 8 weeks, then you have truly won.

Sam xx

The 5 runners up for our 8 week challenge are…

28 By Sam Wood - 8 week challenge runners up - January 2020
Some of our amazing challenge runners up
  • Andrea Gatchell
  • Laura Harney
  • Jasmine Laird
  • Joshua Orr
  • Jake Hanlon

Runners ups won some amazing gift packs including goodies from Ninja Blender, The Hamper Emporium, Salt, 39 Degrees Natural Magnesium Bath Tonics, Woolworths and more!

The 8-week challenge winner that receives $10,000 CASH is…

Nadia D’Ambrosio!

See Nadia’s shock when I surprised her with a special delivery Monday night!
Nadia won our Jan 2020 challenge. "Teaching my kids that having a healthy lifestyle not only helps your soul but most importantly your mind. I am now the happy confident mum they deserve."
Nadia’s amazing challenge transformation!

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