We’re excited to introduce you to 28’s new strength coach – Sarah Boulazeris!

Sarah has designed a progressive program for strength training, aimed at building your strength and confidence in lifting weights at home.

 Whether you are looking to step up your fitness game or need to be guided through strength training for the first time, this program is for you!

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  • NEW: 10-minute strength ‘Tap-on’ workouts which target isolated muscle groups that are designed to maximize muscle tone and growth.
  • Expert instruction on lifting weights at home
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  • Advice about reps, posture and how to develop your muscles effectively
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Meet your Strength Coach, Sarah Boulazeris.

Sarah is an exceptionally experienced strength and conditioning coach, and there’s no one better placed to teach you about the world of lifting weights at home.

For years Sarah has been driven by her unwavering passion for helping others, training her own clients to become the healthiest happiest versions of themselves. And as a mother of two beautiful girls running her own business, she knows a thing or two about making sure workouts are effective and convenient!

Working out with weights requires a certain level of technique, and Sarah is here to guide you down the path to being comfortable and confident in your weighted workouts!

What are some of the benefits of strength training?
  • Increased muscle tone and strength, which protects joints from injury
  • Improved posture and mobility 
  • Improved bone density 
  • Weight management, as you increase your muscle-to-fat ratio
  • Greater stamina as you get stronger

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What sort of exercises will STRENGTH cover?

Sarah will take you through a range of exercises that you can perform with a variety of simple workout equipment pieces, including dumbbells and resistance bands to really fire up your fitness. Check out a sample workout from our fantastic STRENGTH series here.

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