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When it comes to dieting, you have already taken the most important step – you have chosen to do something about it.

Extensive research has been done and the findings were undeniable – the most important measure of success of a diet plan is that it’s simple for people to pick it up and stick with it for a long period of time.

This is something we strongly believe at 28 by Sam Wood and our entire team work together to bring you dieting options that are not only affordable, but are very simple to begin and easy to follow. Furthermore, you have support of our whole family to help you take your first step followed by the next until you reach your weight loss goals.

Our diet programs come complete with workout routines, meal plans and mindfulness exercises to help you physically, nutritionally and mentally too.

Here are some tips when opting for our online diet plan:

The 28 by Sam Wood diet program includes a nutritional planner with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. When you start, aim to stick with at least two of our recommendations per day and work up to three. Soon, eating well will become a healthy habit.

Plan ahead and ensure you have all the necessary ingredients for our delicious diet plan recipes and have fresh fruits and vegetables available daily. If you are like most of our clients and struggle to manage time with a full work day and a busy night preparing dinner, then we suggest preparing your weekly meals on one night of the week – such as a Monday night as this is when you get the new guide for a new week. That way you can have everything ready to go and you can get on with your life while sticking to your diet too.

Keep it simple. Don't get worked up by the specifics of the diet plan or how many calories in that snack. Our program has been tried and tested by over 150,000 members and we have built individual fitness and dieting plans with the aim of revolutionising your life and helping you get to the you you want to be. Just take a look at some of our testimonials here.

Eat slower. Yes, this sounds a bit silly but in truth, it is healthier for you to eat slower as it lets your body absorb nutrients at a steady pace and keeps your metabolism running smoothly. When you eat quickly, it is like telling your body I am starving and your body reacts by storing extra fat.

Avoid additional sugars, caffeine and other stimulants. Unlike other health & dieting programs, we won’t tell you to cut them out completely. Just reducing extra sugar, having 1 sugar in your coffee instead of 2 for example can make a big difference. When it comes to coffee, trying to lower the number of cups you have slowly so you don’t suffer from any cravings – if you drinking four or five cups a day now, try bringing it to 3. Then in a week or so reduce the number down to two cups and so on.

Water. Water is your friend when dieting. If you are a heavy coffee or tea drinker, try replacing one cup with a bottle of water. This strategy works well as you can turn it into a reward – I must finish two bottles of water before I can have that coffee.

As with any diet, you should read through all the material you can or even speak to one of our Sam’s Crew who can help you get started. If you are pregnant, please explore our specialised pregnancy program. If you have other health concerns, we advise to consult your doctor prior to undertaking any diet or exercise routine.

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