When it comes to dieting, you have already taken the most important step – you’ve recognized you want to change.

If you’re like most people you’ll be researching all the options, trying to decide which online diet program is going to be the most effective. The answer is actually simpler than you think.

The best online diet plan is the one you can easily stick to!

If you can pick up a new diet plan quickly, and you feel you’re going to be able to stick with it because it fits into your lifestyle (and you feel like you’re eating real food), then you’ve got a great chance of succeeding and reaching your weight loss goal.

Extensive research has shown the most important factor of whether a diet plan is going to be successful is how simple it is!

Our goal is to make your new, healthier life as easy as possible.

Simple = success is something we strongly believe at 28 by Sam Wood. That’s why our entire team work together to bring you online dieting options that are not only affordable but simple so you can get started quickly and easily. And, to make sure the healthy new diet sticks, you’ll have the support of our whole 28 family to help you take your first step, and each step after that, until you reach your weight and health goals.

Our online diet program will support you physically, nutritionally and mentally too.

Our support crew are available 7 days a week to help you settle into your healthy new routines. You’ll have access to everything you need on your phone (or computer): customisable workouts, flexible meal plans, printable shopping lists as well as motivation and mindfulness exercises to keep you on track. We even provide you with the option of automating your weekly grocery shop, thanks to our new integration with Woolworths.

Keep on reading, for my tips for online diet success when starting a diet program.


  • I’m the personal trainer in your pocket
  • An online diet program that’s easy to follow (no calorie counting!)
  • Simple and sustainable for busy lives
  • Be supported by daily motivation from me, in real-time!


Suitable for all fitness levels and designed to get results fast


A delicious eating plan every week created by our 28 nutrition team


Our mind experts will help you de-stress, sleep better, focus and stay motivated!


Be supported every step of the way by me and my crew, 7 days a week.


Join me every day for a different 28-minute workout. My workouts are suitable for all fitness levels and designed to get results.


Enjoy a delicious eating plan every week created by our 28 nutrition team, with an automated shopping list at the touch of a button.


My mindfulness & motivation experts will ensure that you de-stress, sleep better, focus and stay motivated.

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As a 28er you’re never alone. You will be supported every step of the way by me, my crew and thousands of 28ers just like you.

Are you a new mum or mum-to-be? Congratulations! We have a pregnancy fitness program and a postnatal weight loss program to help you stay fit and healthy during this special time!

My top tips for success when starting my online diet program.

The 28 by Sam Wood diet program includes everything you need in order to achieve a healthy weight. We make it easy to follow with a weekly nutritional planner with plenty of recipe options for breakfast, lunch, dinner… as well as guilt-free snacks if you feel hungry in the early days of your diet program.

If you have any specific health concerns or conditions, we advise consulting your doctor prior to undertaking any diet or exercise routine.

Tip #1: Aim for progress, not perfection.

If you aren’t used to eating a low sugar, wholefood diet; or if the idea of shopping for and cooking 3 meals a day seems too much to handle, that’s OK. You don’t have to eat all of our meal recommendations to begin with.

Start by aiming to eat two of our healthy meals per day, and one of your own ‘go-to’ meals. Then, once that feels easy, move up to three 28er meals per day. Soon enough, you’ll adapt to your healthy new habits and you’ll find shopping, cooking and eating healthy becomes a breeze. Plus, I guarantee you’ll want to keep on going with your new diet plan when you start seeing those excess kilos drop off!

Tip #2: Plan ahead.

Make sure you have all the necessary ingredients to cook our delicious diet plan recipes, and that you have fresh fruits and vegetables available. If you are like most of our clients and struggle to manage time with a full workday and a busy night preparing dinner, then we suggest preparing your weekly meals on one night of the week – such as a Monday night as this is when you get the new guide for a new week. That way you can have everything ready to go and you can get on with your life while sticking to your diet too.

Tip #3: Keep it simple.

Don’t get worked up by the specifics of your diet plan or worry how many calories are in that snack. Our online diet program does all the hard work for you, so you can enjoy your healthy new lifestyle and become the best version of you. Our program has been tried and tested by over 150,000 members who have collectively lost over 2 million kilos. We have created a fully customised fitness and dieting plan so you can transform your life and get you to where you want to be.

Take a look at some testimonials of happy 28ers who have been following our online diet plan and are loving the results they’ve achieved.

Tip #4: Make following your diet plan as easy as possible.

If you don’t want to worry about what you need to buy, or when you’re going to make the time to get all your ingredients, we’ve recently integrated our recipes and meal plans with Woolworths. In a few presses of a button, you can arrange for online delivery or you can have it ready for pick up at your local store.

We also have a range of suitable ready meals you can order online if you prefer to keep a few healthy ’emergency meals’ in the fridge (you’ll see this option when you log in).

Tip #5: Eat slower.

Yes, I know this sounds a bit silly but, in truth, it is healthier when you eat slower as it lets your body absorb nutrients at a steady pace which keeps your metabolism running smoothly. When you eat quickly, it is like telling your body ‘I am starving’ and your body reacts by storing extra fat.

Tip #6: Progress not perfection.

We never demonize food, so the good news is, unlike a lot of other weight loss & dieting programs, we won’t tell you to cut everything out of your diet – just to be mindful of what you’re adding into your diet.

So if you aren’t ready to give everything up, no worries! Let’s aim for progress, not perfection. Start your diet program off well by eating less of the foods that aren’t as good for you (like packaged, processed foods), and eat more of the healthy foods (like colourful, fresh produce).

Tip #7: Avoid (or at least reduce) additional sugars, caffeine or other stimulants.

When it comes to reducing your sugar intake, you don’t have to go cold turkey. So if you normally have 2 sugars in your tea or coffee, why not try it with 1 sugar? It might not seem like much, but cutting down your added sugar consumption by half can make a real difference to your weight loss by the end of the week. Of course, when you’re ready, we’d love you to be able to drop that sugar down to half a teaspoon and then eventually no sugar at all, but the timeframe is always up to you.

Speaking of coffee! Again, you don’t have to go cold turkey! We’d like you to only have one coffee per day, but we don’t want ‘getting healthy’ to feel miserable for you. If you normally have 4 or 5 coffees a day, try reducing to 3 cups a day. Then in week 2 of your diet plan, drop down to two coffees a day, and then drop down to 1 coffee a day, and see how you feel.

Tip #8: If you’re on a new diet program, water is your friend!

It’s surprising how your food cravings can reduce when you’re well hydrated. If you aren’t a big fan of water, try adding a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime.

If you’re still struggling to drink enough water, a successful strategy can be to make a game out of it. For example, you can’t have a cup of coffee until you drink 1 bottle of water. When you’ve done that, reward yourself with that coffee (if you still need to). Later on, if you really need another coffee, well, you’ll need to drink another bottle of water!

This gaming strategy also works with booze if you’re out socialising with friends. You have to drink one glass of water before you can have a glass of wine (see we told you we don’t demonize food… or drink!) but do be mindful of those alcohol calories, they can add up fast!

Tip #9: Don’t be afraid to ask for support – we’re here 7 days a week!

As with any new diet plan, you should make yourself familiar with what you need to do, and what foods you’ll need to buy. Failure to plan is planning to fail. But, if you ever get a bit overwhelmed or confused, we’re here for you! Reach out to Sam’s Crew via email for some dieting tips & mindset tricks. Or, if you’ve already joined us, you can jump onto our private Facebook group to get all the support you need.


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